September 21, 2020
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By: Peter Son
LO’T Editor

Mr. McGuire, who has been at Moline for 27 years and an educator for 37 years, plans to move on to become principal at Ottumwa, Iowa. He does not want to stop doing what he loves: interacting with students to help them
get ready for their futures. He expresses mixed feelings on his departure because he is not ready to say goodbye to the community he devoted most of his life to, but he is happy to be moving forward.

Mr. McGuire stresses that he has “been blessed to be fortunate enough to have been a teacher, coach, administrator” and “been able to see education from all sides.” His favorite memory at Moline High School was and always
has been interacting with students.

Before he leaves, he wants to promote a change in the industrial technology department at Moline. For the past couple of years, our principal has advocated for “trying to revive our IT department. Moline used to have 16
teachers in D wing; now there are only 2.”

He also mentioned 40% of students don’t go to college,
and believes we need to revive that so students that don’t go onto college have the skills that they need to go out and get good paying jobs.

The students will truly miss Mr. McGuire and his commitment to our school. As Mr. McGuire would say… “YOU ARE OUTTA HERE!”