September 21, 2020
  • 11:00 am Will we be changing our clocks back this fall?
  • 10:54 am MHS adds 6 Musicians to All State
  • 10:04 am Coffee lovers should all come visit this cozy new coffee shop!
  • 9:51 am Barlett Performing Arts Center is an Instant Hit
  • 11:54 am MHS students scarfing down donuts to kickoff Share Joys donations!


Students, parents, and super-fans were extremely excited to make an appearance at MHS’s Homecoming soccer game where Moline faced one of their biggest rivals: United Township. Coach Sanchez, who has been coaching for twenty-three years, kind enough to answer some questions about the season, the team, and how having the super-fans there impacted the night. Sanchez stated that “the team has had a rough start, but are moving in the right direction.”

His advice for the boys prior to the game was “to enjoy the experience, but to also keep a mental focus.” Additionally, he was “happy more fans came out to support the boys.” After hearing some words from Coach Sanchez, players: Dylan Hillbloom and Tejan Jah commented that “By having super-fans and big crowds show up, it helps boost our confidence and makes us want to play harder knowing that people are there to support our team.” With this, Ms. Carrie Lopez, who works the ticket booth, also adds how superfanning has had a positive impact on the number of fans who come out to see the soccer games. Nonetheless, both teams did an excellent job, resulting to a 1-0 win for junior varsity, and varsity ending with a tie of 0-0 after going into double overtime! It was a tough match but the Maroons kept fighting and succeeded!


Josh Stover