November 15, 2018
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By: Henry Bohler
L’OT Reporter

Studying for a class can be a daunting task, one that would rather be done later, however, it can be done much easier
than expected with this simple DIY.
● Highlighters
● Blank stickers
● Cup or mug
1. First, take your highlighters and stickers. You’ll want to label your stickers with things like people, dates or
terms, and stick them onto the highlighters. This allows you to highlight your notes, or that book for English, in an easily distinguished way. Make sure each sticker goes on a different color highlighter in order to tell the topic apart in your notes.
2. Now onto the cup. The cup doesn’t have to be very tall or wide, just a simple, small, plastic cup. You can even use some construction paper and some tape, and tape some shapes onto the cup to give it style. You can use this to store your highlighters, or even pencils, in an obvious place. With 10 minutes of work at most, you now have a new highlighting system for notes and a safe place to store them.

Jaylen Underwood