October 17, 2021
  • 3:04 pm Hybrid learning vs remote learning: What do these mean?
  • 3:02 pm MHS theater proves the show must go on despite the virus
  • 2:55 pm Having to compete within six feet: Girls swimming and diving team still finds success during the pandemic
  • 2:50 pm “All Lives Matter” actively diminishes the true message of Black Lives Matter
  • 3:00 pm So you think you can judge an election?


By Ella Goderis

Everyone mark your calendars for October 11th through the 13th for the upcoming play, Volleygirls by Rob Ackerman! Volleygirls is about a team that finds strength and joy in working together. They learn to let loose and trust their instincts. Principal actors include Peyton Robertson as team captain, and Zach McCloud as the coach, Joshua Stivers as Xavier, and Zoe Zelnio as Liv. The actors put in hours of work each day rehearsing, both on and offstage memorizing lines. Backstage, the light and sound designers work on music and lighting, while the prop and set crew builds the scenery. The costume team will help actors find costumes and order the uniforms for the volleyball team. Lastly, there are the stage managers and assistant directors which help everything run smoothly.
Volleygirls is “exciting, creative, exhausting, and funny,” says Mrs. Koski, the director, “My favorite part of rehearsals so far is the warm ups. We are having a lot of fun getting to know each other and working on our volleyball moves. It’s a lot of work, but the warm ups make us into a team. People should go see the show because it’s funny. You’ll laugh. You’ll also relate to it no matter who you are. It’s high schoolers getting through the typical high school dilemmas of heartache, friendships, sports, homework, teachers, and parents.” Everyone feels misunderstood these days, and this play shows one way of dealing with it. The next play is Around the World in 80 Days. They need a lot of people, so some advice from Mrs. Koski is to have fun and just give it a try. “We’re always looking for people who enjoy theatre. That’s the main requirement,” Koski finishes, “After that, just come to Drama Club because we’re always having workshops about how to improve.” The performances will be held at John Deere Middle School, with tickets being $5 for students and $8 for adults.

Jaylen Underwood