October 17, 2021
  • 3:04 pm Hybrid learning vs remote learning: What do these mean?
  • 3:02 pm MHS theater proves the show must go on despite the virus
  • 2:55 pm Having to compete within six feet: Girls swimming and diving team still finds success during the pandemic
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  • 3:00 pm So you think you can judge an election?

By: Beyonce Gonzalez 

For the first time ever in Western Big Six history, a school has won six fall Conference titles.! Six! Those long, hard practices have paid off, evidently showcasing all of the talent at Moline! And with so many victories, it is only possible to wonder what comes next for Moline High School and its sports teams. Moline 

won the WB6 Title in the following sports: Football, Girls and Boys Cross Country, Girls Tennis, Girls Swimming, and Girls Volleyball. Dick Knar, MHS’ athletic director, insists how prideful this feat is for Moline. He explains that because we broke this record, there is “a huge sense of pride for our school, and it is a great way to start the year for sports.” Moline is very prideful in their athletics. Because we broke this record this year, many multi-sport athletes are confident going into their second season. This is a true display of athleticism from Moline.

     Mr. Knar also gives us some insight on what he thinks about this feat. He utters that “This achievement is amazing. We broke our own previous record of 5 titles this year.” Mr. Knar also admits to why Moline accomplished such a task. He merits the kids and coaches to their dedication of time and effort to make this record achievable. Without the time and dedication from the athletes and coaches, this record would have never been achievable.

     Congratulations to any athlete or coach from the fall sports, and we hope to see the winter sports carry this momentum and have an outstanding season!

Josh Stover