October 25, 2020
  • 11:00 am Will we be changing our clocks back this fall?
  • 10:54 am MHS adds 6 Musicians to All State
  • 10:04 am Coffee lovers should all come visit this cozy new coffee shop!
  • 9:51 am Barlett Performing Arts Center is an Instant Hit
  • 11:54 am MHS students scarfing down donuts to kickoff Share Joys donations!

By: Emily Biesterfelt LO’t Editor

Getting tired of Atomic recently but want to satisfy your caffeine addiction? Since you don’t have a problem driving over to Iowa, try switching it up and going to Aroma Coffee in Davenport.

A quiet little cafe right off of Brady Street, Aroma is located inside of The Green Thumbers. It is the perfect place to relax, study, or just hang out. With a friendly staff and a huge menu with items like smoothies, coffee, and sandwiches, it has something for everyone to enjoy.

After savoring a light and home-y meal, take a calming stroll along the plant section of the store and maybe even freshen up your Instagram feed with the vibrant colors to welcome spring. The cafe is actually attached to the Green Thumbers’ nursery so as you walk in you’re hit with a fresh floral scent.

The seating area has couches, tables, and booths so you really have a lot to choose from. At every single table, there are succulents in little terrariums, the whole area is surrounded by so many different plants.

Aroma Coffee is an excellent and quaint little cafe with delicious and creative food, and it has an amazing selection of drinks like their Zoomers and floral/herbal teas. After eating the “Horticulturist” sandwich and drinking a Mocha Latte with Sea Salt Caramel, I recommend Aroma Coffee and rate it a 4.5/5.

Josh Stover