October 17, 2021
  • 3:04 pm Hybrid learning vs remote learning: What do these mean?
  • 3:02 pm MHS theater proves the show must go on despite the virus
  • 2:55 pm Having to compete within six feet: Girls swimming and diving team still finds success during the pandemic
  • 2:50 pm “All Lives Matter” actively diminishes the true message of Black Lives Matter
  • 3:00 pm So you think you can judge an election?

By Emma Pollock

LO’T Feature Co-Editor

Fall is a great time for both outdoor and indoor activities, layers, and spending quality time with the people we love. But this fall is a little different. With social distancing and some quarantine regulations still in place, everyone has to make sure to stay safe while still partaking in some fall trends and traditions. If you’re running low on things to do, perhaps you should consider the following:

There are plenty of outdoor activities that can keep you safe and socially distanced while still having fun. The trees are beautiful this time of year, especially at Blackhawk State Park. Go on a walk with a few friends on some of the trails and maybe even take some cute pictures while you’re at it. If you wanted to spice up the classic fall photoshoot, try the simple sheet ghost trend as popularized on TikTok! If you’re looking to get some pumpkins and treats on your adventure, check out a pumpkin patch or apple orchard like Shady Knoll in East Moline. Later, you might drive around to see your neighborhood’s Halloween decorations and have a bonfire in your backyard. 

If the weather is too chilly for you to explore the outdoors, you could get creative indoors and put together a fun Halloween costume that includes a mask to stay safe and mysterious. After that, baking is always a great way to warm up a home, whether it be a homemade apple crisp or Pillsbury Halloween themed sugar cookies. While your sweets are in the oven, it’s a great time to go online and register to vote in the upcoming November election and then watch a scary movie with your best friend. 

Whatever you decide to do this fall, make sure to stay safe, healthy, and have fun!