October 17, 2021
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By Phineas VanVooren

Line O’Type Entertainment Co-Editor

With the upcoming release of the PS5, Xbox series X, and Xbox series S, fans are already battling on which console will win the “console war.” As of right now, both Playstation and Xbox are releasing two different consoles at two different price points. The PS5 is releasing two identical consoles except one has no disc drive. The upside to getting the one with no disc drive is that it will be one hundred dollars cheaper than the alternative, which is priced at $500. Both of these consoles will be able to run games at over 120 fps on a 4k screen. Although with what specifications the consumers have, it is being predicted that the PS5 will be slower than the Xbox series X.

Now, on the other side of the console war, the Xbox is releasing two different consoles that have a two hundred dollar price difference. The Xbox Series S will be sold for $299 and will be appealing to most of the Xbox’s demographic. This console will be able to run modern day games at 120 fps on a 1440p screen. For most people, this is fine because 4k has still not become readily available to most families as it can still be quite expensive. The only kicker with this console, like the PS5, is that it will also not be including a disc drive. This can be a turn-off to people because the Xbox will be allowing backwards compatibility with the older gen’s discs.

However, if this is too much of a problem for people, they can spend an extra two hundred dollars and get the Xbox series X. This could be a good investment for many people as it can play video games at 120 fps on a 4k screen. 

As we near the release dates of these consoles, fans will be getting more and more excited for the release and being able to see who wins the console war, but as of now, it looks like Xbox will be winning with this new generations’s release of consoles.