June 14, 2024
  • 10:56 am National Honor Society kicks off this year of volunteering and donation with Empty Bowls!
  • 9:40 am Moline Girls Basketball Prepares for Holiday Hoops
  • 3:06 pm Moline Football Team Rushes into Playoffs
  • 3:05 pm Call of Duty Vanguard
  • 2:22 pm Student Hunger Drive Off to a Ravenous Start

Moline is sprawling out over a desk chair in order to get as much air as possible from a painfully slow fan. Moline is furiously searching through the bathroom for a stall with both a lock and toilet paper. Moline is groaning after hearing that you have to do yet another clean complex in gym. Moline is Friday Night Lights religiously attended by the same set of people over and over again. Moline is hearing that the locker room has cockroaches again and slowly sinking into fear that your locker is filled with them. Moline is walking extra slow by the industrial fans in the halls to put off the heat just one second longer.
However, Moline is also wishing your substitute teacher will be PC when you walk into a classroom. Moline is proudly following Ms. Griesenbeck’s best and lasting advice: FYF. (RIP Ms. G). Moline is knowing we probably have the best History Department in the state. Moline is cheering on the bus back home after yet another conference win. Moline is walking down the dressing room hallway and reading the quote that is most definitely not by Dr. Seuss while running to the other side of the stage. Moline is where students can start a club, and through shared passion, make a difference. Moline is humble roots. Moline is finding a home in the most unlikely of places. Senior year was spent in the Pub, but my four years at Moline were spent doing everything Moline could offer me. Moline High School is nowhere near perfect. However, I wouldn’t change anything about my time here. Moline has undoubtedly shaped the characters of me and those around me for the better. Highschool is just a drop in the ocean that is life, but it is a drop worth savouring. That being said, although high school has shaped who I am today and likely will have a lasting impact on who I am, it does not define my future. What you do in high school is not an accurate determination of your future success. Go beyond the limits that high school has set for you and push the boundaries of what you thought was possible for yourself. High school is, after all, just high school, so don’t take it or yourself
too seriously. No one can guarantee your life will continue the same way that it is now. Quite honestly, I can guarantee it will not. Every morning you will brush your teeth and live a life slightly different from the day before.You will not spend a life identical to your high school career. Your routines will change to fit the stage of your life. Even the routines you follow five years from now will not match those as 10 years from now. The flexibility of life is what allows you to determine your own future with the freedom to make mistakes along the
way. Take advantage of this. Broaden your horizons and work hard to reach new aspirations. What’s the worst that can happen? You might not reach that goal and still achieve right beneath it, or you might even fail. That failure will sting, but it will light the fire underneath you to bounce back and work harder than before. That resilience to work hard despite failures is what will define your true ability to succeed. Work hard in high school and take advantage of the unique opportunities Moline offers you but realize that you are more than your high school transcript. A bad grade, bad day, a rough sports season, or even arguments with friends, teachers, or parents are not the end of the world. So take a nap, brush your teeth, and move on to a better day.

Jaylen Underwood