June 14, 2024
  • 10:56 am National Honor Society kicks off this year of volunteering and donation with Empty Bowls!
  • 9:40 am Moline Girls Basketball Prepares for Holiday Hoops
  • 3:06 pm Moline Football Team Rushes into Playoffs
  • 3:05 pm Call of Duty Vanguard
  • 2:22 pm Student Hunger Drive Off to a Ravenous Start

Madison Hoyt

As a sunny day was coming to an end, the MHS bonfire was readied and
burned as the Moline Marching Maroons played some sick tunes, welcoming all
to dance and sing. This was a spectacular way to mark the beginning of a fun and exciting movie night and homecoming week! Spider-Man: Homecoming, a fitting movie choice, was the entertainment to follow. With blankets, sweatshirts, and
bug spray, hundreds of student came out to enjoy this homecoming festivity.
Everyone found a comfy spot on the football field next to Wharton Field house to set up a spot, lay down, relax, and enjoy the film. The concession stands were
even open and running to ensure that everybody there could enjoy some
refreshing beverages, candy, and food. Nobody left disappointed or hungry! Some students, like Eva Lundahl(sophomore), came because “the movie is a great time to hang out with your friends.” Many other students also came for this reason, as it truly helps unify and bring everyone together for homecoming week, ensuring the school spirit and excitement does not slow down. However, other students, like Reagan Schneider(sophomore), “may or may not have only came here for Tom Holland.” Which is also a perfectly good reason to come, as long as everybody enjoyed the movie and had fun! As the night came to an end students concluded their final thoughts. Emily Biesterfeld (sophomore), commented, “I’ve never been to a movie night, but I’m glad I came!” This goes to show that the annual homecoming movie night is an amazing event that students always end up enjoying. It was maybe even enjoyed a little too much by some, as Yasmin Pannell (sophomore) said she had “so much fun [she] forgot to do her homework.” All was forgiven, however, and she still had a great homecoming week, as did everyone else. Moline High School students wholeheartedly look forward to what movie is planned for next year’s Wharton Field House bonfire!

Jaylen Underwood