April 14, 2024
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By Tayler Gilmore

Line O’Type Sports Co-Editor

Strokes, strength, and speed. In a matter of seconds, she reaches the edge of the pool marking the end of the race. As she climbs out of the water expecting a crowd to cheer her on, she sees only empty bleachers replacing the fans she used to look forward to seeing and hearing.

You may be wondering how COVID-19 regulations impacted this year’s sports as well as the players and coaches having to undergo such changes in routine. The girls’ swimming and diving team, however, has pushed past the hardships to stay motivated and ready and compete at the highest level during its strange 2020 season. 

Some of the new safety requirements for the swimmers and divers include: First, that everyone who enters the pool area has to wear a mask, but they are able to take off their masks once in the water. There is also a maximum capacity for the number of people in the pool when it comes to meets, as well as spectators not being allowed in the bleachers, but the team has adapted to these restrictions by recording the meets and streaming them for fans to view online.  

Despite the distancing rules, the girls try to bond with each other as much as possible. To elaborate more on this unique season, senior swimmer Abigail McBride indicates, “COVID regulations have made it hard to do team bonding activities, but in my opinion, we’ve been able to still stay (figuratively) close, and the regulations haven’t been too detrimental to my performance, but I do miss having pasta parties with my teammates.” 

Regarding their season, the girls recently had a meet at home against Galesburg on Thursday, October 8, which resulted in a successful win to end their senior night and regular season. Senior swimmer Celia Cervantes comments about her last home meet, saying,  “I’m extremely happy with where I’m standing now that I’m a senior.” She additionally adds her view on COVID’s impact on the season as she includes “I’ve still found ways to keep in shape and stay motivated. I’ve done at home workouts and stayed in touch with my teammates throughout the entire time. Even though our season isn’t the same, we’re all staying happy and positive.”

Considering that the team has a winning streak of 8-1, they plan to wrap up their last conference meet at home, this Friday, October 16 for JV and Saturday, October 17 for Varsity, against their competition Rocky, UT, Galesburg, and Sterling. 

They hope to continue on to Sectionals on Saturday, October 24th. Coach Roche acknowledges the girls’ achievements and dedication as he asserts, “With everything that has been thrown at us this year, the girls have done an outstanding job. The team has stayed positive, kept practices interesting and fun, and they are swimming faster and faster each meet.” 

Good luck to the MHS Swimming and Diving team as their season wraps up!